Chronicle of the Raven (2004)

When I am home alone, I often look for obscure flicks to watch. I love the fact that I really do not have to worry about what may pop onto the screen, something that is becoming more important every day as the daughters grow older. Last night I stumbled upon Chronicle of the Raven, better known as Jennifer's Shadow from 2004. 

Plot/  Jennifer Cassi travels to South America to claim the inheritance of her recently deceased twin sister. While there, she contends with her eccentric grandmother, who has damned the family with an ancient curse. Jennifer immediately starts to suffer from scary visions of a sinister raven every time she goes to sleep.

I am always a sucker for movies that may give a nod to Edgar Allan Poe, this one sounded like it may have some of the elements. While it did, with some elements of H.P. Lovecraft thrown in, it was nothing like what I expected. Yes, it is far from perfect, there were some positives. There was some dark gothic atmosphere, the dream sequences worked and the story is interesting. Unfortunately, the execution, the acting and especially the pacing leave a lot to be desired. On top of that, there is a lot of cliche moments inside that really drag it down. In the end, this one has some moments, but could have been a lot better. If you are in the mood for a supernatural themed low-budget movie, you can give it a shot, but be warned, there is nothing memorable. 


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