Friday, December 13, 2013

Demon (2013)

Last night I decided to enter the realm of low budget cinema. To me, I love watching these flicks for many reasons. Especially because they do give me hope that someday I may be able to create some type of horror flick or finish a script and at least be part of a movie. Unfortunately, these are always a mixed bag. This selection was one I first saw last night at Family Video, the 2013 entry Demon.

Plot/ FBI Special Agent Nicole Diaz is sent to the town of Oro Negro to solve several bizarre murders. At first, it's thought the killings are random acts committed by smugglers or drug dealers until the Tribal Ranger realizes the bodies have been drained of blood and suspects it is something more.

When I picked this one up, I really had no idea what to expect. The premise sounded interesting and with my affinity for low budget cinema, it felt right. Unfortunately, while the premise was interesting, the execution was off. This flick seemed to have potential, but it was plagued by more than just the typical low budget flaws. The lighting effects, the dialogue, the sound quality and the make-up (the creature was hilarious) just did not work. While it was interesting early on, the storyline ended up clich├ęd and predictable with flat characterizations. In the end, this is one of the more disappointing flicks I have seen come from Brain Damage Films. At this point, I cannot truly recommend this for anyone unless they are extreme low budget cinema fans like me, and even then I would say be warned. 

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