Ridge War Z (2013)

Now that I sat through the laughable Return of the Killer Shrews, it was time to watch something a little more serious. While I did not want more serial killer driven cinema, I did want something that would be a little more thought provoking. Unfortunately, finding this type of movie is becoming more and more difficult. After some thought, I decided on Ridge War Z from Brain Damage Films.  

Plot/ The last surviving veterans of the worst battle of a zombie war recount their horrific memories to an author who is writing a book about their experiences.

Being a fan of no-budget cinema, one is usually subjected to a movie that has a clichéd plot and is chalked full of poor special effects. This one is not that. While it claims it had a $1000 budget, it appears too refined for that. More of a drama than a horror flick, this one is a decent character study of what it would have been like fighting inside the zombie apocalypse. The characterization, the acting, and the dialogue create something with some realism. Sure, there is not a lot of action, gore, or even zombies, but this is definitely a different take within the zombie genre and a refreshing one. In the end, if you are searching for a zombie-themed drama give this one a shot, it is an interesting take. 


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