Jack Frost (1997)

Christmas is here and the evening is winding down. Yes, I do have Insidious 2 sitting here, but the daughters are crashed waiting on Santa to arrive. While I wait, I decided to venture into some wintry horror. I decided on the 1997 horror / comedy Jack Frost. 

Plot/ A serial killer dies, comes back as a snowman, and wreaks havoc.

There is nothing like low-budget horror when the writers / directors embrace some of the finer parts of the genre. That is the case with this horror comedy about a serial killer / reincarnated snowman Jack Frost. Come on, a murdering snowman is perfect for this time of year.  With the low budget the typical flaws exist, the acting is all over the place, the effects are lacking, and the cinematography is uneven. However, the snowman costume works and the storyline is decent, more positives than some flicks with much larger budgets. In the end, this is not by any means a kids Christmas-season flick and should not be mistaken for one. However, it is an entertaining low budget horror / comedy that has a lot to like. Check out if, it is a decent holiday filler.  Merry Christmas!


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