Sunday, June 6, 2010

FleshEater (1988)

Last night I could not decide what to watch after an entertaining afternoon of planning to shoot a small short film for the contest on Lost Zombies. Being in a zombie mood, I decided to grab something from my ever growing collection of zombie flicks, my choice, the 1988 independent entry FleshEater written and directed by Bill Heinzman.

Plot/ A group of teenagers, taking a nocturnal hayride come across the grave of a man. Little did they know that this deceased man is a zombie? One by one, the actual living are falling victim and becoming zombies. Eventually there are zombies everywhere, and someone needs to stop them, but who?

While this is not a great movie by any means, it is very entertaining. Bill Heinzman, the cemetery zombie of Night of the Living Dead fame, has created a wonderful little independent zombie flick. Sure, the plot is lacking and at times comes across in an amateurish way, but what it lacks in storyline, it more than makes up for it with gore! This movie has it all when it comes to bloodshed with exploding heads, throat slitting, and cannibalism. Oh, and yes, there is more than enough nudity to go around! To me, as a fan that cannot get enough zombie material, this was perfect. If you are like me and love all things zombie and gore related this one is for you!

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