Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red Water (2003)

It was funny, I was looking for something tame to watch this morning on FearNet and stumbled upon Red Water, the 2003 fresh water shark film starring Lou Diamond Phillips. After watching it, I was reading some posts on facebook, where I saw that the guys over at Radiation-Scarred Reviews was in the midst of their week long Sharkathalon and decided to throw this together.

Plot/ In the quiet waters of the Mississippi, body parts are being discovered. No one knows what is behind it all, until a huge man-eating bull shark turns up. This bull shark is different, as it can breath in fresh water, making a deadly encounter between anyone who comes before it. John Sanders must now try to reach the surface, with his ex-wife and whilst being held hostage.

Luckily, this was at leaset a decent film to watch with my daughters because there wasn’t much to shield them from. Unfortunately for me, as a horror fan (or just a movie fan), there is not much here to make the movie memorable. The pacing is slow (really the first hour just seems to drag), it lacked any type of tension (even with the shark attacks), the characters were poorly developed and the special effects we only adequate. This made for TV, maneater themed movie could have definitely been better (although the last 20 or so minutes were not bad), but that seems to be a reoccurring theme within this genre that has become all the rage on the Sci Fi Channel over the past couple of years. That being said, it was definitely better than some of their more recent shark related efforts and is at least tolerable.

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