Friday, June 18, 2010

Roswell (1994)

After suffering through the movie Rottweiler (which although it sport Paul Naschy, it does not even warrant a review), I wanted to watch something different from my usual stuff. That is when I decided to head for one of my favorite subjects, UFOs. Oh, and what did I find on Showtime? Roswell, a perfect movie about one of the greatest conspiracies in history and one of the biggest cover-ups the world has ever seen.

Plot/ Beginning at a 30-year reunion for members of a military nuclear bomb unit, flashbacks are presented that follow the attempts of Major Jesse Marcel to discover the truth about strange debris found on a local rancher's field in July of 1947. Told by his superiors that what he has found is nothing more than a downed weather balloon, Marcel maintains his military duty until the weight of the truth, however out of this world it may be, forces him to piece together what really occurred. Adapted from real-life events portrayed in the book The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt.

There have been so many stories about Roswell and the mysterious debris that was discovered on the ranch. Being from SW Pennsylvania where we have our own UFO mystery in Kecksburg, it would be nice if someday the truth would come out. For me as a researcher in things of the unexplained nature, this movie is accurate with what eyewitnesses have been saying for years. With that in mind, believers in this phenomenon will love the movie. However, if you are an skeptic who really doesn't care about the subject at all, then you will find little, or no entertainment value here. As a docudrama, the film is slowly paced, but that is to portray the story in a specific manner. The acting, script and directing is top notch all the way around and it definitely keeps your attention. Overall, this movie is informative, and enjoyable, a perfect afternoon flick for the UFO and Conspiracy Buffs out there!

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