Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kill Katie Malone (2010)

What a week, started actually teaching FCC regulations to my sixth quarter class (crazy, I take my first FCC exam tomorrow) and on top of that this week is payday with my first post-retirement civilian paycheck… Awesome! Now, time to get back to the blog with the 2010 supernatural thriller Kill Katie Malone.

Plot/ College students and best friends Ginger Matheson, Jim Duncan, and Kyle Canning, pool their cash to buy a ghost online. Once in hand, this treasure unleashes the vengeful spirit of an Irish servant girl who has been wreaking havoc on her owners throughout the generations.

It is funny, going in I figured that this flick would offer little new, and sure enough, I was right. While there was some good points with decent effects, firm acting and solid characterization, much of the flick was just a bit cliché and full of uneven plot holes. This is sad because this movie definitely has some potential and would have benefitted from some high production value and budget. In the end, this one is OK, but could have been better. Check it out if you wish, you could do worse.

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