The Prestige (2006)

As I mentally prepare myself for this weekend of softball, I decided to watch something relaxing and somewhat thought-provoking. After some thought, I decided on the 2006 sci-fi/mystery The Prestige.

Plot/ Two stage magicians engage in competitive one-upmanship in an attempt to create the ultimate stage illusion.

Any movie that features Nikola Tesla is an automatic winner in my book, plus when the amazing David Bowie is playing that genius, it is a home run. That is exactly what The Prestige is, an amazing journey to another time that doubles as a tremendous character study with a dark look at obsession. Complete with an outstanding storyline, an incredible cast with top-notch performances, and spot on direction and cinematography, this movie does not disappoint in any way. Not to mention the sci-fi/steampunk twist added into what was already a great trip into the world of illusion. Yes, it was a touch predictable if you pay attention to the dialog and hints that are sprinkled in, but that does nothing to bring the movie down. In the end, if you have not seen this film, you are really missing out. It is honestly one of Christopher Nolan’s best movies and a darker film that I could watch over and over again. Highly recommended.


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