Infini (2015)

While I try to keep my excitement tempered as I prepare to check out Star Wars: The Force Awakens tomorrow, I was definitely in a Sci-Fi mood as I worked on some paperwork for school. To help quench my mood, I decided to check out the 2015 entry Infini, a darker flick from that genre.

Plot/ An elite 'search and rescue' team transport onto an off-world mining-facility to rescue Whit Carmichael, the lone survivor of a biological outbreak.

As I sat down to watch this one, I really had no expectations. What I found was something much better than I would have expected featuring a tremendously atmospheric and claustrophobic Sci-Fi flick that I wish I had watched earlier. This one has a lot to like, with outstanding sets, solid production values, enjoyable characters with decent performances, and a nice blend of special effects. Yes, the scripting was a touch wordy in spots and there were a few head scratching moments, but those were minor in comparison to the rest of the movie. In the end, this one is well worth watching and a movie that much better than some of the other Sci-Fi entries that populates the market. If you are a true fan of science fiction, give it a shot; you should enjoy it.


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