The Visitant (2014)

After watching the Steelers beat the Bengals and keep their playoff hopes alive, and then finishing my freelance article assignment with a piece on Hollow Earth theory, I decided to kick back and watch something mindless. After some searching, I settled on the 2014 thriller, The Visitant.

Plot/ Samantha plays the role of a Fortune Teller, but she is a thorough skeptic about the paranormal and all things supernatural. One night alone in her house, she learns that there are dark forces that do not care whether she believes or not.

I am all for independent cinema, and I love when I stumble upon interesting movies within that realm. Unfortunately, this one was nothing that I had hoped for reading the description. The acting is uneven, pacing is off, the background music is overdone and excessively loud throughout, and the scripting is rather unoriginal and riddled with clichéd moments. Yes, there are a couple of creepy moments sprinkled inside and the cinematography is better than many movies that sit inside this realm, but those elements can do nothing to save this one. In the end, this movie is not memorable in any way, and does nothing to make it worth watching.


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