Sunday, March 20, 2011

Phantasm II (1988)

After watching Phantasm III, I could not help but to jump into another entry from that franchise, with the second installment of one of my favorite horror series, Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm II from 1988.

Plot/ Mike, now released from a psychiatric hospital, continues his journey to stop the evil Tall Man from his grim work.

This installment of the Phantasm series was a very important film from my youth. I had seen the original as a kid and was disturbed by the imagery, but for the life of me could not remember the name of it. That was until the trailer, and those words, the ball is back. Yes, to me, this one could never have the power of the first flick, but it is still a good film in its own right. While it did lack the creepiness, it did add some more action and better special effects than in the first film. The acting (although raplacing A. Michael Baldwin was noticible) and story were solid and as usual Angus Scrimm was terrific. In the end, this is not a spectacular film, but it is really enjoyable. Different from the original, absolutely, but still a tremendous effort in its own right!

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