Friday, March 21, 2014

Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002)

It been another crazy week. Between working late, more show, and softball practice, I have just felt run down. Now with the weekend upon us, it was time to get back at it, especially as I sit here watching the best show on television Hannibal. Next flick up for review, Hellraiser: Hellseeker from 2002. 

Plot/ A shady businessman attempts to piece together the details of the car crash that killed his wife and rendered him an amnesiac. Not to mention, leaving him in possession of a sinister puzzle box that summons more than anyone could imagine.

I will have to admit, while I not have any real expectations going into this movie, I must admit that I found it more interesting than I ever could have imagined. As a fan of this franchise, it is all over with intriguing storylines and uneven films, by there is always an originality factor that should be seen. This one boasts a darker atmosphere, decent acting, an interesting premise, and some solid connection points with the original classics. Yes, there are some flaws with the cinematography and some of the general filmmaking, but those are somewhat expected in direct to video entries. In the end, this one was much better than I expected and was rather entertaining. Give it a shot, you could do much worse. 

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