Sunday, March 16, 2014

Toad Road (2012)

Drug use is one of those subjects that will definitely play a role in the elections in the near future. For many, it is a way of life, for others a strange taboo. I bring it up as this next click could be a docudrama for what could go wrong, or right; depending on your perspective. Next up, the 2012 thriller Toad Road. 

Plot/ A portrait of contemporary youth culture, where the lines between reality and fiction are blurred with often frightening results. 

This was an interesting movie. Not a horror movie, this one almost is more an urban legend meets hallucination thriller. There are some moments with solid cinematography and decent acting, but those are almost lost within the uneven marketing and categorization. Unfortunately, the overall storyline never seems to capitalize on what could have been. The horror elements are non-existent, the pacing off, and the atmosphere is a bit disjointed, facets that are a bit disappointing. In the end, I did enjoy this one and found it entertaining, even though I was looking for something darker and more horror related. In the end, more of a portrait of a strange stoner trip than thriller, it does have some interesting moments.

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