Monday, September 15, 2014

The Believers (1987)

Every once in a while I decide to journey back into my youth a re-watch one of the flicks that helped shape who I am today. Last night, I had one of those moments and found the perfect movie to quench my desire. Of course, it also provided some much-needed relaxation after a day of softball and my first feeble attempts at defeating the skeleton king (Diablo III). That movie was the 1987 entry, The Believers.

Plot/ A New York psychiatrist finds that a voodoo cult, which believes in child sacrifice, has a keen interest in his own son.

I remember seeing this when it came out in the 1980s. This journey into Voodoo/Santeria is a well-made thriller that takes on the religions in a realistic way. While it is not overly scary, there are parts of this flick that capture the imagination and bring the seriousness to life. The acting is solid, the storyline intriguing, and the atmosphere is heavy and dark. Sure, there are some pacing issues, some of the small details that could add some clarity are overlooked, and there are some complexities that may make it hard to follow for some viewers. In the end, this is an entertaining journey into a mysterious religion. Yes, it is not for everyone, but if you enjoy religious horror, you have to give it a shot.

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