Friday, September 2, 2016

Ouija Summoning (2015)

Sometimes movies are not what you expect. While most of the time when this happens, you become frustrated, but when it is for the best, you should celebrate. That was the case tonight with my next movie, 2015s Ouija Summoning (AKA You Will Kill).

Plot/ After a game with a spirit board goes horribly wrong, a vengeful spirit forces Sara to either kill one of her loved ones herself or watch them all die. 

When I sat back to watch this flick, I had no idea what to expect. Usually, after reading the synopsis and looking at the case, I do, but because I did not pick this one out, I did not even have that. What I found was interesting, and different from what I would have guessed from the title. The performances were solid, the cinematography was good, and for the budget, there were more positives than negatives. Sure, there were some disjointed moments and the scripting never really settled onto a theme, but even with that, there were enough positives to at least keep me interested. In the end, if the movie had stayed on a specific track, it would have been even better. Between the Ouija Board foundations, the possession elements, the demonic forces, and the overall supernatural themes, there is just too much going on to allow you to settle in and fully embrace everything. I did enjoy this low budget entry, but it will not be for everyone. If you are searching for some type of supernatural themed entertainment, you could do worse. Give it a shot!

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