Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2016)

After taking the night off to take Jolene to a Jake Bugg concert with Bren being sick, I decided that I needed to kick back today and relax. While I did catch a few new shows, I needed to get back to some movies to help pass some time this evening. My first choice was the 2016 adaptation of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, with The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.

Plot/ Thomas Kaiser inherits an ancestral mansion that has been in his family for generations, only to learn that he has also inherited an ancient curse stemming back to the Crusades.

Every once in a while, I decide to take a chance on something different and become extremely surprised by what I decided on. That was definitely the case with this one, as it was much better than I initially imagined. Yes, it did not come without some flaws with predictable characters, clich├ęd plot twists, and some of the movie felt rushed, but those issues do not totally bring the movie down. The performances are decent, the direction and cinematography work well to create some interestingly atmospheric moments, and the overall feel was much darker than I expected. In the end, this is definitely not your normal take on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale being more of a horror flick than fantasy. As with many movies in this realm, a viewer will either love it or hate it, personally I enjoyed it. Give it a shot and make your own decision.

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