Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)

As Thanksgiving draws near, I will finally have a chance to spend some extra time with the family relaxing a bit (and a couple extra days away from PIA). I will also have some extra time to finish up the first week of my Digital Literacy class. Going back to school into a creative writing program is going to be a challenge, but it is one I am looking forward to. However, talking about the digital world this week has made me more appreciative of the Sci-Fi / Horror classics of past generations, like my next selection the Roger Corman flick Attack of the Crab Monsters.  

Plot/ A group of scientists travel to a remote island to study the effects of nuclear weapons tests, only to get stranded when their airplane explodes. The team soon discovers that the island has been taken over by crabs that have mutated into enormous, intelligent monsters.

There is nothing like the cheesy schlockfest of the 1950s. Those Sci-Fi creature features must have been perfect to watch in a dark theatre. To me, this flick would be a perfect for that setting. Yes, the storyline is campy, the scripting uneven, and the acting all over the place, but it does not matter. The most impressive part is that even with a low budget and some laughable creations, this one is entertaining, bizarre, strange, and everything that you could ask for in this genre. In the end, the is one of Corman’s most memorable early flicks and one of the weirdest horror flicks of that era. If you have not seen it, check it out!

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