Monday, November 12, 2012

Dogman (2012)

After watching some decently violent flicks over the past few days, I decided to take a trip into some folklore. As a researcher of the fringe topics that populate our society like Cryptozoology, HAARP, UFOs and the Paranormal, I love movies that deal with the darkness that live in the strange outcrops of our minds. My selection for the night was the low budget entry Dogman from 2012.
Plot/ Hanklin Purvis enjoys the outdoors, and he loves to hunt. He and his wife, Dorothy, live on a farm in the rural mid-west. For some reason, during the season before autumn, things start happening. Once they discover that the wounds have a deadly bacteria and the clock is ticking for those infected, Francis Wellman, a Native American who believes she has discovered an ancient antidote.  
When I saw this at Family Video, I was not sure what to expect. Flicks from this genre seem to run the gambit from extremely violent to more legend or folklore based. This one is the ladder, as it is rooted deeply in the folklore surrounding this mysterious creature. While this is no blockbuster in any way, there is a genuine appeal here, with the legendary creature taking center stage in the background of this flick. The storyline is interesting and believable, the acting was good and there was an entertaining quality that some movies of this type lack. Yes, the movie does lack the gratuitous gore and violence that some horror fans see as a must, but that is hardly missed in this incarnation. Of course, as a researcher of unexplained animals, I may be a bit biased because to me the story is more important than the gore, but I enjoyed it. Is it a perfect movie, no, but if you like folklore driven flicks that take you inside a legend, you should enjoy it as well.

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