Sunday, November 4, 2012

HELL (2011)

Last night, I definitely enjoyed Red State, as it is something that I could honestly see happening in this world that is spiraling out of control. While it was somewhat of a realistic real time movie, my selection for tonight could be one outcome of our future, especially if you listen to the fanatic global warning society that is convinced that if you breathe too much, you are killing the ozone. My selection for the evening is the 2011 German entry HELL.
Plot/ In the not too distant future, people struggle to survive their greatest enemy, the sun.
This post-apocalyptic flick might be one of Al Gore’s favorites, as the sun has lost its way and has destroyed much of society. This is a crazy idea, right? While the name may bring in a different audience than attended (meaning bright in German), this is actually a decent action / thriller, and one that has a lot to offer as a relatively low budget entry. The acting is good, the scenery amazing and the cinematography is good. More importantly, it never delves into the world of CGI and it works. There are some flaws, as after a tremendous opening, it seems to spiral into some cliché. Other than that, the scripting and storyline work, it just may need a bit more to put it over the top. In the end, if you are looking for blood, guts and gore, you will not like it. This one is a solid thriller and one worth watching, if you enjoy post-apocalyptic action.  

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