Friday, November 23, 2012

911: In Plane Site (2004)

Last night after a couple movies, I decided to start work on my ongoing series concerning HAARP and the United States Government. If you have read my articles, you will already know that I completed my look at the current administration under President Obama. My next step was the previous administration of President Bush. Unfortunately, no look at the Bush Administration cannot be complete without a look at the tragedy of September 11. Like many, I can remember exactly where I was that day. I was still in the US Navy, and I was leaving my port visit in Limassol, Cypress when the story broke and the life was sucked out of our ship. Over the years, I have watched a lot of documentaries on the tragic attacks. My views of the government and the presidents have changed, especially now that I have retired from the military and am not surrounded by the fog that accompanies that. My first venture into the Bush Administration is in the movie 911: In Plane Site.
 Plot/ 911: In Plane Site: Director’s Cut is a 2004 documentary which explains a number of 9/11 conspiracy theories. Photographs and video footage from the September 11 attacks are presented as evidence that the public was not given all of the facts surrounding the "worst terrorist attack in U.S. history".
Over the years, my view on the reason behind this tragedy has changed multiple times, and unfortunately, I believe it is another occurrence of the government hiding something. Looking back today, there were a lot of companies and people who benefitted from this event. To me, that is appalling. Having watched a few of these documentaries over time, I see a lot of material that is rehashed, and this documentary is no different. Although, I do believe it does a good job, especially early in talking about the Pentagon. To me, that attack of the day has always been the least credible part of the attacks, as there should be a lot more damage, physical or video evidence. Ironically it asks some of the basic questions, which like today with the latest 9-11 tragedy in Benghazi, the media fails to ask. It also presents some points that (again) that some people often overlook, like, President Bush telling school children that he saw the first plane crash into the tower on TV. Why would he make that up when there was no video of that crash on TV at the time? How is Larry Silverstein's "pull it" quote from "America Rebuilds" concerning WTC7 not even mentioned in the 911 Commission report?
Yes, there are some quality issues with the way that this one is put together, there are some head scratching moments that can lead you to dismiss it, and there is too much focus on the pod theory, but it still presents some interesting material. In the end, this out of the ordinary look at this tragedy does pose a different viewpoint. While I know many will discount a film like this as just conspiracy theory propaganda, to them, I ask the question is it impossible? This was one of the worst days in the history of the United States, and to me, truths must be told. History has proven that truths are not found by just blindly listening to the reports that the government creates, truths are found by challenging data and asking hard questions. Ironically, those are both items that our mainstream media (especially today) refuses to do, instead, they tote the company line and perpetuate cover-ups on a daily basis. Watch this for no other reason than keeping those questions alive, so that someday, the truth will be discovered.

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