Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dark Watchers: The Women in Black (2012)

After watching Dogman, I wanted to watch something with a conspiracy flair. To be truthful, I have been working extremely hard researching something strange, and honestly, I cannot believe what I am uncovering. For any reader, I will get it out to the masses very soon, as I am tying up some loose ends. With my mind wrapped in this certain subject, I decided to go into a fringe area for my next entry, the 2012 Sci-Fi flick Dark Watchers: The Women in Black.
Plot/ Three UFO hunters come face to face with the Men in Black and have their life completely turned upside down.
Not being a huge Men in Black fan, I had hoped that this would be different from the mainstream incarnations of those films and yes, I knew this was going to be flawed when I picked it up, and it was. However, this was one entertaining film on certain levels. Sure, if you are a MIB fan or straight Sci-Fi fan, you will probably hate this. For me, the mixture of art-house type cinema, a strange-layered story, and a soundtrack that worked will within the confines of the scripting made it watchable. Sure, the acting is not top notch, the characterization is lacking and there are some incoherent moments with strange cinematographic choices, but to me that was fine.  In the end, some of this movie makes little to no sense, but I found it enjoyable in a weird way. This is not your typical Sci-Fi flick, as it is almost a surreal attempt at creating a supernatural / UFO driven science fiction entity. Many will not like it, as it is not straightforward, but if you like a little strangeness in an artsy form, you should check this one out.

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  1. Watching this movie didnt really scare me. The scenes are not straight forward like you said. The movie does not specifically points to a theme. It doesnt relate to its title....