Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is HAARP Influencing the Storms in the Pacific Northwest

Over a month ago, I started to break down the disturbing trend that arose prior to Hurricane Sandy. In the days leading up to that catastrophic storm, HAARP sensors across the continental United States started to pick up shifting signal strengths, with the highest being centered in the crosshairs of the storm. Incredibly, as these signals rose, the track of the massive cyclone shifted toward them. It was like a giant tractor beam drawing in its prey.
Fast-forward a month, and astonishingly, on the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy making landfall, the Pacific Northwest is bracing for a shot from a powerful storm. What is even more amazing is that, just was in the case of Sandy, HAARP readings along the west coast are rising toward unprecedented levels. Ironically, these higher than normal readings started to rise over the weekend, just as a different storm was heading toward the coast, a storm that would deal this region widespread rainfall, snow and high winds.
HAARP Readings 28 November 2012
Today, as these readings increase, this storm is headed straight for Oregon and California, packing the potential to deliver extreme damage. The forecast calls for high winds, driving rains (up to 10 inches) and heavy snowfall (up to 20 inches). If this storm reaches these levels, it could be devastated as the streams, lakes and rivers are already at capacity after the storms from earlier in the week.
HAARP Readings 27 November 2012
With the impending storm on the horizon, I decided to look at the three other factors that we saw when breaking down HAARP earlier in the month; presidential decree, earthquakes and isolated disaster. To me, the results were not surprising, as again coincidental activities took place in similar regions as the HAARP levels started to hit the upper reading levels on Tuesday, 27 November 2012. 
1.      High HAARP Readings were recorded centered over those areas in the path of the storm.     
2.      A 4.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada.
3.      A 4.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Nicaragua.
While there has been no public release on Presidential policy made this week, one item that keeps popping up is the ongoing battle between some Senators and Susan Rice over her comments to the American population just days after the September 11 attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  In fact, what many thought would be a positive step on Tuesday, proved opposite. As the Senators left, the meeting more outraged at the fact that it appears that she, as a mouthpiece for President Obama, ignored the truths regarding the terrorist attack and perpetrated a clear cover-up of the incident to the American public for political gain. In fact, that truth would have proved that the al Qaeda network was alive and well, and operating at a level other that the Presidents’ campaign platform that al Qaeda was devastated and no longer a threat. Or it could be because something as simple as trending topics away from the vote on NDAA that is coming soon... Who knows?
Of course, there could be policies signed into law by Executive Order, and it may take a few days to catch up to, I will keep checking, just as I will continue to monitor this and other situations building across the United States and world.

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