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The Undermining of America - HAARP and the New World Order (Part 2 - 2011)

Incredibly, the foray into the ultimate goal of New World Order seems to be growing and the cloak of misdirection is just beginning.  Yesterday, I covered what seemed to be the beginning of the use of HAARP to control the weather for political gain in this current administration. At this point, I am still researching strange weather phenomena and governmental actions in previous administrations, which I am positive, will exist. Now, it is time to continue on breaking down this string of concentrated coincidences. We will spend this article documenting the eventful year of 2011, starting with the tragedies suffered in Joplin, Missouri.
From all accounts, there were some extreme HAARP readings in the time preceding the devastating tornados that ravaged Joplin, Missouri. While the specific numerical values of those levels are not available to the extent they are now, “HAARP Rings” were found on multiple weather RADAR systems prior to the ordeal. In a strange twist, this storm, coupled with some recent flooding not only fit the profile of the United Nations famed Agenda 21 for population control, it also coincided with the signing of another Executive Order, Executive Order 13574 of May 23, 2011, Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, as Amended. It authorizes the government to seize assets of a “sanctioned person” in a battle against terrorism.
This is the first time you see the term “sanctioned” person in use and it will be a key theme moving forward. What is a sanctioned person? By loose definition, it could be someone with multiple guns, someone with a stockpile of ammunition, someone who has a stash of gold or silver, and the best someone with seven days of stored food. Honestly, that describes many Americans. Of course, some will argue that this mentions Iran specifically, but in reading it, it only calls Iran by name once and uses the reference United States Person on more than one occasion.
The next date is September 9, 2011, the same day that we outlined in one of our other HAARP articles, when Hurricane Irene bore down on the East Coast, an earthquake hit Vancouver, and there was destruction in Central America. On that date, we did not see President Obama intently watching the devastation in real time in the White House Situation Room like with Hurricane Sandy. In fact, he was busy signing Executive Order 13584 - Developing an Integrated Strategic Counterterrorism Communications Initiative and Establishing a Temporary Organization to Support Certain Government-wide Communications Activities Directed Abroad. From the name, and for the most part in reading it, it is an anti-terrorism order. Yet, a closer look would reveal that it authorizes a special agency inside the State Department to create a communications link monitoring terrorist activities against American citizens in national and international areas. Really, this one is not extremely dangerous by itself, but again, this is one of many to come.
After this order, things quieted down, until Executive Order 13590 - Authorizing the Imposition of Certain Sanctions with Respect to the Provisions of Goods, Services, Technology, or Support for Iran's Energy and Petrochemical Sectors signed on November 20, 2011.  This was an interesting order because the term “sanctioned person” was used again. Coincidently, that date also matched a day where severe weather along with heavy rain started for the parts of the United States, including heavy precipitation in the Northwest that measured at least seven inches in some areas.
To close out 2011, we move to December, when President Obama signs the extremely contentious National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This act has been in place since the early 2000s and has been controversial since its inception. If you have not heard of the act, you must be out of the loop. This act authorizes $662 billion in funding for the defense of the United States and its interests abroad. It includes items such as Department of Defense health care costs, counter-terrorism within the U.S. and abroad and military modernization. It also imposes economic sanctions against Iran (section 1045), commissions appraisals of the military capabilities of countries such as Iran, China, and Russia, refocuses the strategic goals of NATO, and gives governors the ability to request the help of military reservists in the event of a hurricane, earthquake, flood, terrorist attack or other disaster.
While those issues may not seem out of line, the most controversial provisions are contained in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled Counter-Terrorism. These include sub-sections 1021 and 1022, which deal with detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism. The controversy was to their legal meaning and potential implications for abuse of Presidential authority. Although the White House and Senate sponsors maintain that the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) already grants presidential authority for indefinite detention, or the creation of a kill list, the act states that Congress "affirms" this authority and makes specific provisions as to the exercise of that authority for indefinite detention without trial.  Of course, separately these mean little, but as a whole, create a tangled web. Especially when you dig a bit deeper in natural disasters with somewhat troubling political undercurrents involved.
Do you see how these events are connected, and at the price of the freedoms granted in the Constitution of the United States. The combination of the unconstitutional portions of the NDAA, coupled with the powers granted in these executive orders sit at the heart of something bigger than the War on Terror. Think about what we have heard, Osama Bin Laden is Dead; the terrorists are on the run. Even if that was the case, and it is not, why do we have a need for so many covert orders that have to potential to suppress Constitutional Rights? The only reason I can see is something much darker, something mentioned by President George H.W. Bush, the New World Order. A reference he made multiple times including once on September 11, 1990 and then again in his most famous statement in March 1991.

“Until now, the world we’ve known has been a world divided – a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war. Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.”
President George H.W. Bush

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