Friday, November 9, 2012

The Documented Facts of the Earthquake - HAARP - Hurricane Connection

While some readers of this and other blogs that have been covering the disturbing trend of rising HAARP signals in the United States and their impact on natural disasters may think that this is nothing but conspiracy theory or the stuff of make believe. Moreover, to them, maybe it is, as they could never believe that the government would do such a thing. To them, I say Wake Up! HAARP and the ability of the government to control weather systems is real.
Over the past couple weeks, I have shown the connections between HAARP and these events, even outlining different facets of HAARP in multiple posts. Incredibly, in researching things in a deeper level, I made a disturbing discovery that may prove another link into this mystery. Yes, that potential smoking gun is made up of more natural disasters, but it is hard to look past the eerie timing that all of these events have in common. Of course, some will argue that these are just coincidence. I say, one time may be a coincidence, three documented occurrences are fact.
Earlier this week on November 7, many know that Winter Storm Bree, a Nor’easter, bore down on the already devastated areas of New York and New Jersey that were ravaged by Super Storm Sandy. Here are the pieces of the puzzle that were discovered in researching these events:

  1. High HAARP Readings were recorded centered over those areas in the path of the storm.
  2. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Vancouver.
  3. A 7.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Guatemala in Central America.

For some, again, they will say coincidence, and that the Vancouver coast is prone for earthquakes. Yes, it is, but in this research, I took only magnitude 6.0 or above earthquakes into account, as that is when the damage starts to increase above normal levels. However, if that is happenstance, how can nearly all three of those facts be in place a week before (October 27) when Hurricane Sandy smashed into the East Coast of the United States? Here are those facts:
  1. Highest HAARP Readings ever recorded were in place in the direct path of the storm.
  2. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Vancouver.
  3. The Popocatepetl Volcano in Central Mexico increased moderate intensity explosion frequency, which died down as the HAARP signals on the East Coast reduced.
I can see the strange similarities, can you? Now, I will admit when I found this, I was surprised and needed more information and had to dig a bit deeper into an investigation to prove it was not just a weird twist of fate. That is when I found the discovery, which to me, demonstrated that these events are somehow connected. The events are quite similar to the first two that I outlined including HAARP signals, earthquakes and a hurricane. Here are those details from September 9, 2011:
  1. High HAARP Readings recorded in the Northeast and Hurricane Irene heads directly toward New York and New Jersey.
  2. A 6.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Vancouver.
  3. Multiple earthquakes were recorded off the coast of Guatemala beginning early September 2011.

Can you see the similarities yet? The answers should sit right there. Oh well, at this point, I am just starting to dive further back into history trying to find more similar occurrences that meet these same dynamics and I will continue to compile data to prove this connection.

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