Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is HAARP Still Causing Destruction in the United States

Let me start today by saying that I hope that all of my family and friends stuck in the region ravaged by Superstorm Sandy are doing better and the recovery is moving forward. This was a true tragedy and one that will never be forgotten. As you may know, roughly three weeks ago, I noticed some strange variations of HAARP signals and their potential steering effects on Hurricane Sandy. While I had hoped that the signals were coincidence and the storm would have a mind of its own, I am truly starting to go a different direction. At this point, I wish the data was different, and that there was no way that something could control these storms and other effects, but recent events seem to back up my original hypothesis.  
 HAARP Readings Monday Around Time of Oil Spill
While the HAARP readings in that corridor remained and remain high, it was an event on Monday that again opened my eyes to the devastating outcomes that can be generated by the HAARP system. While many may not have heard about this event as it was quietly pushed aside by the election coverage, there was another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of New Orleans. Yes, this wellhead blowout was nowhere near as severe as the BP Oil Spill that hit that region hard, it was still responsible for depositing an unspecified amount of oil along the Gulf Coast. Now, what makes this interesting is that the HAARP Status group recorded a shortwave HAARP burst of 6.1 centered in New Orleans, Louisiana just prior to the events. A strange occurrence considering that one of the abilities that the HAARP System is rumored to have is the ability to create minor earthquakes. Could this spill be related to the short burst? It is possible, until we know exactly what this Top Secret Facility is used for, one can only speculate.
 Current HAARP Readings
That moves us to today and the continuing trend of terrible weather plaguing the Northeast. As mentioned earlier, the HAARP readings remain extremely high along the coast, especially in the New York / New Jersey region. What is happening in that area right now, snowstorms, high winds and flooding as the already devastated is dealing with a Nor’easter. The scary thing about this unfortunate occurrence is that newly named Winter Storm Bree is forming in the exact manner and in the areas matching the HAARP signatures being recorded. Where else are these signals high, the West Coast in California and they have been rising throughout the week. Will something happen there? Only time will tell. Yes, there was a destructive earthquake off the coast of Guatemala in Central America today (7.4 scale), but there is not enough data to connect those dots. That leaves on major question, can this all be a coincidence? Possibly, but as the evidence mounts, it is starting to become hard to ignore.  

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