Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oogles... Old Wives Tale or Reality?

Charleston, SC. is one of the most haunted cities in the United States and their citizens are extremely proud of it. On almost every corner you can see advertisements for a haunted tour of some of their most famous haunts, they have it all, haunted cemeteries, haunted gardens, jails and islands. These haunted establishments and locations also sit in the middle of one of the most historic locations in the world.
A quick walk through the cobblestone streets can fill even the least interested person full of thoughts and questions when you consider you are walking in the footsteps of our famous ancestors such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. There is also a darker side to the history of this beautiful city. Pirates such as Blackbeard (Edward Teach) and Stede Bonnet all spent large portions of their lives in this area. It is this darker side of Charleston that seems to come to life.
When cities are rich with paranormal activity, many superstitions seem to arise and Charleston is no exception. Located in the "Lowcountry" as locals call it, many different legends and tales have been passed down for generations. One such legend is that of the Oogle. Lowcountry legends state that an oogle, a smallish, strange-looking clay figure should be carried around at all times to protect you from any type of ghost or goblin.
These oogles are needed because every night when the sun goes down, the streets of the low country fill with ghosts and goblins that come out in search of innocent bystanders without oogles. Do they protect you? Legend says yes, for me, only time will tell. If you are going to think about one thing when you are heading into a haunted location on vacation, think about picking up and taking an oogle along. It may be your last line of defense against the unknown.

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