Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time is Running Out For President Obama to Answer Donald Trump and End the Masquerade

Having just returned home from a free viewing of the 1922 classic Nosferatu at the State Theatre, it is time to sit back and work on the blog. While Halloween is my favorite holiday, it is a masquerade of another sort that has caught my attention over the past year and one that I believe could be the biggest costume party ever experienced by United States citizens.
No, it will not be a ball if proven true, but it could be reality. This masquerade is the one that is being perpetrated by President Obama, and one that Donald Trump gone out on a limb to bring some light on the subject with his $5 million charity offer to the president to do what is right and release some information on his background.
Now, I do not consider myself a birther, as I actually served under Obama as the Commander-in-Chief over the last three years of service, as I retired last year after 21-years of service. Even though I could have stayed in the military, some ask why did I retire? The answer is simple, too many good young Sailors were being separated from service due to the extreme drawdown policies that were being enacted by the President, and I felt it was my job to stand aside and allow others to grow and experience what it meant to serve their country.
I loved the Navy, and I love my country, but it was an experience recently that made me start to question the transparent nature of the president. When my daughters dependant ID expired recently, I was told I needed her birth certificate to receive her ID. This was a hard rule, regardless of the fact she was on my DEERS certification or on my retirement DD214, I needed her birth certificate. When I heard that, I said, amazing! He can become president without it, but I cannot get her ID unless I have her birth certificate. This is absolutely amazing.
That is why when I heard about Mr. Trump’s offer, I was fascinated. I was fascinated by the idea of finally being able to learn something about the man who is butchering our military, and the man who left soldiers and Americans behind in Benghazi. Of course, within two hours of Mr. Trumps’ announcement, I knew that President Obama would not release the documents or even speak about the offer. The offer we know he saw because of his actions trumpeting YouTube after Benghazi and the inflammatory video story that was apparently created to cover-up another failure of the government. He was a big fan of that website, so much so that his entire cabinet mentioned it for two weeks.
Of course, you could ask, how did I know this? Think about it, he is theoretically the most powerful man in the world; he could have had something manufactured in that time and said, here you go. To me, this lack of immediate action spoke volumes about President Obama. If a man holds onto documents and his past like this, it makes one think that he has something to hide. Sure, a quick search of the internet will show a variety of things. There are questions about his citizenship, his political views, his upbringing, his religious ideologies, and more. With all of that out there, one would think that the man, or his family, would want the truth out there. That is, unless there is something to hide.
The crazy thing is, the items that Mr. Trump asked for are relatively minor in the grand scheme, his college applications and records, and his passport documents. All of these are items that every president or candidate have released in the past. More importantly, they are a lot of the same items you the citizen will be asked for when applying for a job, or unemployment, or anything. The ladder is a fact that should make everyone out there stand up and say wait, why didn’t the President do this before he took office, just as I did with my daughters ID card.
As yesterday passed and the announcement was made that Mr. Trump extended the deadline by 18-hours, I had to laugh. I was with five friends when this came out, including one person who converted from an Obama supporter due to the lack of transparency on his background once it was explained in depth. Ironically, he too was formerly in the military and did not recognize the invisible history of the Commander-in-Chief.
As the six of us talked, we discussed what, if anything Mr. Trump had that could possibly dispel a manufactured document if one was so provided. Could it be transcripts with poor grades, different places of birth on the different applications, what was it? Or was it nothing at all, and like many he just wants to see the truth or a fabricated version of the truth? It does not matter, we will see nothing, we never were.
The extension means little, as Mr. Obama was never going to take Mr. Trump up on his offer. I knew it, my friends knew it, and I believe Mr. Trump knew it, when he made the offer. President Obama was not going to respond to his offer. In fact, the only thing the delay may have done is delay the heckling that Mr. Trump will receive from the Kool Aid drinking blind supporters of Obama, which inevitably will happen. As always, they will make excuses like he was busy campaigning, Hurricane Sandy or the altitude got to him.
Of course, while we all want this transparency to end, for a man who parades around for photo ops when it is convenient, like when the Navy Seals got Osama Bin Laden, or when Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on America, he seems to disappear when the pressure is directly on him. That is what happened with Benghazi, and that is what happened with this $5 million offer. The pressure was placed solely upon his shoulders, and he cannot react. That’s right, Candy Crowley will not bust through the door and save the day like she did during the debate and at some point the president will have to answer for his actions or inactions.
If you are reading this, think about it, why is the president hiding his past, what is he afraid of? As I said earlier in this post, these are items other presidents, candidates and citizens have produced for items much smaller than the position of leader of the free world. All items that the government has no problem demanding when applying for benefits. Honestly think about it, as was stated in the video, this was a challenge the president could not refuse, yet, he did, and he is a man that has more at stake than anyone else, re-election. Something that is especially true in an election that could come down to a handful of votes in any one of the few swing states.
At this point, the only frustrating thing is I have to wait until noon for the Mr. Trump announcement and yet another disappointment from the Commander-in-Chief.

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