Friday, October 12, 2012

Backslasher (2012)

After a day out in Plymouth, NC, I decided to kick back and watch something mindless. North Carolina is such a quick, laid back area, and one that draws you into a lazy haze. However, as quiet as it is, it honestly may be too quiet. With some time to pass, I decided on Backslasher from Brain Damage Films.
Plot/ Fun-loving party-planner Becca can't get enough of people adding her as a friend - until an unhinged psychopath starts killing everyone on her friends list.
British films often have a different feel from those made here in the United States, and honestly, that is fine with me. This one is no different. While there is nothing new in this one and it is rather cliché, it is not that bad. Yes, it is a pure and simple slasher, with a little bit of subplots floating around, but sometimes that is just fine when searching for a mindless watch. The acting was decent, the idea interesting and the overall feel was good. However, there was some scripting issues that allowed the whole idea to spiral into a strange confusing mess, which took away from the plot. Other than that, there was not a lot here besides easy victims and almost zero gore. In the end, I believe it could have been better, but it was far from terrible. If you are looking for a British slasher, and have 90 or so minutes, you could do worse.

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