Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Slaughter Creek (2011)

It is time for me to continue my horror movie marathon for the 2012 Countdown to Halloween. After yesterdays trip into Bucks County Pennsylvania, I decided to head to Texas for tonight’s entry. Of course, there are a lot of dark subjects and great movies based in this state, but what I found was something decently obscure. From Midnight Releasing the movie is Slaughter Creek from 2011/2012.
Plot/ A film crew follows a young girl with aspirations of becoming a successful actress in Hollywood. Failing to find work, she arrives in Austin, Texas to star in what she believes is a soft-core porn film. After discovering the screenplay, the film crew realizes that this is no ordinary film and it could lead to horrific consequences for this naive young girl.
As any horror fan knows, indie films can run the gambit from outstanding to putrid. Fortunately, this one is closer to outstanding and an enjoyable watch. Primarily a dark drama, there is some blood, violence and taboo elements (originally titled Snuff) that really work. Sure, it is not perfect, but the storyline, the acting, cinematography, and sound quality are all far above the typical low budget stereotype. On the downside, some of the characters were blah, and offered very little. On top of that, this flick seemed like there was a lot more potential within the story that could have been brought to life, which would have taken it up a notch higher.  In the end, this extremely entertaining venture into a dark world, and movie was worth watching. It is not for everyone but if you like dark dramas, check it out.

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