Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chemtrails, HAARP, Hurricane Sandy and a Look at Weather Manipulation

For some, the idea of weather manipulation is pure science fiction. However, it is quite real. While people ponder the realities of such powers and where it could come from, there are a lot of researchers out there that believe that weather manipulation signals can emanate from the Top Secret government program HAARP or be associated with the large quantity of chemtrails that can be seen in the sky.
Some even produce ideas for specifically manipulating hurricanes including, using lasers to discharge lightning in storms, which are likely to become hurricanes to kick start them, pouring liquid nitrogen onto the sea to deprive the hurricane of heat energy and creating soot to absorb sunlight and change air temperature and hence convection currents in the outer wall. Of course, with the truths behind Chemtrails and HAARP still rather unknown, they will remain likely candidates.
As Hurricane Sandy continues to trend toward the East Coast, and the band of cold weather is heading that way from the West, the idea of this Frankenstorm as it has been dubbed looks potentially devastating. When looking at the HAARP readings, the all-time high levels recorded on Friday are still in place today, while the surrounding areas are dropping, thus creating a strong (albeit theoretical) gravity toward what could be ground zero for landfall.
HAARP Status Map - Saturday Evening
Hurricane Sandy Track - Saturday Evening
To understand how deadly the possibilities are, people must look pass the most basic form of cloud seeding and look at storm manipulation. A threat that is so devastating that the United Nations has banned the practice of provoking damaging weather against an enemy or rival, as a tactic of military or economic warfare.  
One quick look at weather manipulation history in the United States can show a timeline of interest. In 1977, The United Nations held an Environmental Modification Convention where they took on the discussion of weather modification, particularly hostile weather warfare and eventually enacted the ban.

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