Montauk, HAARP and Hurricane Sandy Update

After such an overwhelming response to the HAARP /  Hurricane Sandy piece from yesterday, I decided to continue updating the situation and adding some more information on HAARP, or at least possible information on the origins of this deadly system. Amazingly, after many of the Northeastern HAARP readings from the HAARP Status Organization were full scale yesterday, they actually rose to all-time highs in the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut areas today (annotated in white on the HAARP Map).
As we discussed in the piece yesterday, construction on the facility began in 1993. However, there is a mysterious location (ironically near the center of the largest HAARP signals) in Montauk, NY that may have been its birthplace. Regardless of the basis of the storm, this one is going to be devastating for much of the East Coast of the United States. If you live on one of the regions that lie in the storms path, please be prepared for the worse.
United States HAARP Signals - Friday Afternoon
Updated Hurricane Sandy Track - Firday Afternoon
These former military bases Camp Hero and Montauk Air Force Station, were basically multi-leveled testing facilities until the 1980s for the government. Montauk was established as a base prior to WWII, official records state that the installation was only active until the late 1960s, although FOIA information and eyewitness information have it active much longer than the official claim.
Evidence of the facilities use took on a different light, as researchers from SGRA discovered that after the military left, agencies such as the CIA and their classified research programs took up residence many under the code name Project Phoenix. Some of this ultra-sensitive research was on theories such as Remote Viewing, Quantum Particle Physics, Weather Control, Genetics, Mind Control and PsyOps. Two of these areas of experimentation sit at the center of the HAARP Conspiracy as potential usages for the weapon. As of now, no one knows why the station was abandoned and the experimentation stopped, although there are rumors of an experiment going out of control.
Recent investigation of the area shows increased activity and a governmental military security outfit present at the location, a change of posture from the days after closure. Could this mean that the facility is operational again? It is possible, but with the majority of the facility located underground in a subterranean matrix, it is impossible to determine for sure what it happening at the location.
Ironically, like when operating in the 1980s, surrounding neighbors of the installation never see people coming in or out of the facility. These soldiers are just mysteriously there. Could the location be active and at the center of steering the hurricane, sure, especially when you see the strongest HAARP readings ever centered on top of this abandoned facility.


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