Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fire in the Sky (1993)

After a night of debates, where the two candidates did very little to distinguish themselves, it was time to get back into some movies. Lately, I have been in a deep conspiracy theorist mood, as all of the stories coming out of the presidential campaigns draw me into this mental web of intrigue. NDAA or HAARP anyone? I also love to debate and discuss topics, and yes, I have my own opinions. With this conspiracy strain in my mind, I decided to revisit one of the better UFO / Alien Abduction movies I can remember watching, the true story of Travis Walton, Fire in the Sky.
Plot/ A group of men who were clearing bush for the government arrive back in town, claiming that aliens abducted their friend. Nobody believes them, and despite a lack of motive and no evidence of foul play, their friends' disappearance is treated as murder.
One of the problems that come with movies based on (or loosely based on) true stories is that the original material does not always transfer onto film the way it transpired in reality. When this happens, it creates a fictional element that sometimes takes away from the film. In this case, yes there are some fictional additions to the historic alien abduction case of Travis Walton; however, while the abduction scene was changed for the film, the integrity of the overall story was not jeopardized. The cast was top notch and the acting solid, the story was and remains interesting, and the cinematography and effects really work. Honestly, other than the liberties taken with the abduction scenes, this is one that provides a great snapshot into this controversial topic. In the end, this flick continues to resonate as a solid Sci-Fi / Mystery / Thriller and one that leaves many unanswered questions floating in the wind. If you have not watched it, check it out!

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