Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Undermining of America - HAARP and the New World Order (Part 1)

For many American citizens, the information that I have provided on HAARP and Weather Manipulation sits as just conspiracy theory. To them, there is no way that the government can or will control the weather, especially in a way that can harm or injure innocent victims. In looking at the evidence that we have discovered, there is no question that this type of activity could be possible. Of course, the major question would be why. While the true reasons could be many, it seems to come down to a somewhat common thread of this administration, New World Order or a World Government. That is right, the NWO that have ideals that promote Population Control, Gun Control, Martial Law, and a Police State. Yes, the theory is out there, but before you call me crazy, look at the facts and hear me out. This may not be easy to read, and you may not want to believe it, but there are just too many twists to be anything else.
While we found some disturbing activities that happened during the days, we outlined in that article, it was important to determine a point where these types of occurrences started. In my view, the precision that was demonstrated by placing a HAARP signal in the perfect spot at the precise power ratio that would steer Hurricane Sandy almost to a 90-degree turn would have to be an outcome and not a chance placement. With that in mind, I did a random Google search for natural disaster and HAARP, just in a chance something would hit, and something did. In searching for answers, a disturbing trend started to appear with natural disasters and a long stretch of what many consider unconstitutional executive orders or legislation.
The date was January 12, 2010 and the massive 7.0 Earthquake struck Haiti, destroyed much of a country that was barely hanging on after being hit with four hurricanes, and guess what, there were major HAARP testing events taking place that day. Now that may be coincidence, but it was what was happening in the Executive Offices that added some clarity to the ordeal. Executive Order 13528 the Establishment of the Council of Governors was signed. Sure, from the name, it may sound harmless, but in reality, it is the Executive Order that for all intensive purposes outline how and when Martial Law is to be set in the United States.  That is right, Martial Law here inside our borders.  Ironically, all test data for the HAARP system on this date has been deleted.
There is a lot more information from the research and it will be published in the coming days starting tomorrow as I look at the year that was 2011. Incredibly, the foray into the ultimate goal of New World Order seems to be growing and the cloak of misdirection is just beginning.  

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