Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Treats (Short Film)

One of the great things about having a blog, is the chance to come across unknown films, or shorts, that people do not even realize are out there. For me, I would much rather watch something unknown, something that is untouched by mainstream cinema. Recently, I had a chance to catch a short film, Treats, from Burnt at Both Ends Productions.
Written and produced by Echo Soleil, this short film travels down an interesting path featuring the lead character Karen and her fascinating array of pets. I am not going into detail with the plot, but it is a journey into a twisted reality. The acting is believable, the script has a nice variety of creepiness and lightheartedness that mixes well within the confines of the story, the atmosphere builds with a spot on score, and the ending is perfect, as the tension hits its climax. In the end, Treats is one of the better independent short films I have watched, not only does it have solid production values and a genuine feel, it is entertaining and worth watching.  

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