A Haunting at Preston Castle (2012)

Last night, I took a break from movies to do some writing. Yes, that piece, which I posted yesterday, is zombie themed and I know that zombies are saturating the world, but this short story is part of something much larger and layered. Tonight, I decided to venture into some paranormal areas with my movie selection, the 2012 indie entry A Haunting at Preston Castle (AKA Preston Castle). 

Plot/ When three friends set out for an innocent, late night adventure, they encounter more than ever imagined. Inspired by true events at northern California’s infamous haunted house, Preston Castle, the question is whether these three will survive the night.

This flick is another loosely based true story based in an actual haunted location: Preston Castle (in California). While there is really nothing new in this film, it did surprise me as the pacing actually built throughout and there were some decent cinematic elements. Unfortunately, there is nothing new in this one, as the acting is uneven, the scripting is weak, and there is truly nothing memorable inside. In the end, this cliché filled movie does nothing more than help pass some time during writing. Sure, if you are a fan of movies based on true haunted locations, you may enjoy it, but trust me; there is nothing in this that you have not seen before.


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