Saturday, January 5, 2013

Black Ribbon (2007)

One of the biggest surprises of my Christmas season was when I received a gift card to the Brain Damage Films website. Over the past few years, I have found some very interesting flicks in their catalog, and could not wait to add some to my collection. Today, the selections I made from their store came in. The first one I decided to watch is Black Ribbon from Brain Damage Film / Midnight Releasing.

Plot/ A writer buys a typewriter which brings out his deepest and darkest desires.

OK, I know a low budget horror fan can only be so lucky when picking out flicks.  For every time you choose a winner that sits far above much of the no budget fair, you select one that goes in the opposite direction. That is where I sit today. This flick, while not unwatchable, has some major flaws. Yes, the storyline is interesting and there is a ton of nudity, but the delivery seems disjointed and rushed. It is really an incoherent endeavor. Overall, the flaws are many. The acting is so-so, there is a lack of attention to detail and the scripting seems to drag the film down with diverging plot lines and a total lack of character development and dialogue. In the end, this was not the worst no budget flick I have watched, but it is far from the best. If you see it floating on Netflix, check it out. 

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