Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grizzly Flats (2011)

After a couple of flicks about possessions, I decided on something with another popular topic, shadow people. While there have been some interesting stories recently come out in research, this flick did not compare. The movie I decided on was Grizzly Flats (AKA Shadow People) from 2011.

Plot/ Sylvain, an engineer come vigilante inventor, has constructed a device. It is close to functional, but something isn't right. His wife, Mary Anne, is running out of patience. She loathes the woods in which they live and yearns for a return to the city. Problems arise when their already tense situation is exasperated by the appearance of shadow beings, which torment them during the night. 

When I picked this one up, I had very little expectations. I had seen a trailer, but never heard anything else. I am glad that I did not expect much, as this was even worse than I could have imagined. It honestly took everything in my power to sit through it. Everything seemed to have flaws, as the editing was off, the pacing bad, the storyline stale and the atmosphere was non-existent. While I could go on into oblivion with the flaws, I will not, I will just say this is bad for a low budget B-Movie. In the end, I could not recommend this for anyone, it has to be one of the worst films I have watched in some time. 

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