Sunday, January 6, 2013

Piranha (1972)

After dinner with my mother, brother and all of the daughters, I decided to sit back and break into one of the five-buck box sets I received at Christmas. There was one; the Original Cult Classics set that caught my eye. Sure, I have watched (and reviewed) most of the movies on it, but there were a couple that I had not seen in some time or reviewed. My selection for the evening was Piranha from 1972. (Note: this is not the famous Piranha movie from 1978).

Plot/ Wildlife photographer Terry and her brother Art go to Venezuela for a photo shoot. They hire Jim Pendrake to guide them through the jungle. However, the trio run afoul of evil local hunter Caribe.

This flick was part of the 10 movie Original Cult Classics set that is available at Walmart, and one of the sets that I was given at Christmas. Let me start by saying, this is the long-forgotten version of Piranha from 1972 and not the classic 1978 version. What a disappointment. This flick is definitely a low-grade horror flick that used a ton of stock footage of the Amazon to offset the 40-or-so actual minutes of film used. The scripting is bad, there is no characterization, and really none of it makes a lot of sense. Honestly, do not fall into the trap of the advertising on the box for this set, this version has one or two shots (or mentions) of the flesh-eating fish, it is the name of the hunter translates to Piranha, not the main killing entity that the poster on the box portrays. Stay Away.

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