Monday, December 10, 2012

Amphibious Creature of the Deep (2010)


Sometimes I choose movies just because with no rhyme or reason. I love not knowing what movies have in store and just roll with it. That was the case with my last selection, the 2010 creature feature Amphibious Creature from the Deep.
Plot/ Marine biologist Skylar Shane hires an expert charter boat captain, Jack Bowman, to help her find prehistoric life form samples in the north Sumatran Sea. During the expedition, they run into something much darker.
After watching this flick, I could have sworn that it was from The Asylum, it was beyond that bad. Honestly, this was ripe for a SyFy Channel creature feature, and would definitely fit in with the worst of them. The acting is all over the place with terrible accents, the dialogue was forced and contrived, and the creature may have been one of the worst out there. Yes, some of the scenery was not bad, and some if it was not a total waste, but those moments could not overcome the mess of the script that doomed this from the start. In the end, this is just bad. As a comparison, yesterdays Evil Eyes is Oscar worthy in comparison. Stay away, far away!

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