Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reprise: The Order of Death (2005)

As details about the tragic school shooting in Connecticut continue to emerge, one cannot help to feel sadness for the families and friends that are suffering in that community and across the globe. While I was caught up in reading about that and watching a large portion of the brain-dead liberal media spout about gun control again, totally discounting the despicable human element that perpetrated this tragedy, I ignored one of my first Christmas gifts, a subscription to www.PrisonPlanet.TV. Honestly, I cannot wait to have multiple documentaries at my fingertips. The first one I watched was Reprise: The Order of Death.
Plot/ This film delves deeply into the history of the Bohemian Grove where powerful men make decisions that affect the world but are completely hidden from public scrutiny
Being a fan of documentaries there is one thing that comes out in the majority of those that are mainstream; they follow a corporate line. There is never anything new, and, almost never push the limits for answers. In this expose of the famed Bohemian Grove, Alex Jones dives into many different aspects of the famed location, and shows some of the occultism realities that surround it inside and out. The footage captured inside is impressive, and the mixture of material is informative, especially the interviews that add some validity and depth to the production. More importantly, it shows there is a tangible link between political parties and the occult and New World Order. No matter what your feelings are on Alex Jones, he is passionate and creates informative material that many should watch. Unfortunately, many will not because it was made by Jones or they feel that it is all a fabrication and that is a shame. This is both entertaining and informative and shows that there is definitely a dark side to government.

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