Monday, December 24, 2012

Saint Nick (2010)

I am all for the holidays, especially when I have some time away from work to settle into watching some decent horror flicks to help pass the evenings. Of course, it does help when I am able to find something enjoyable and entertaining. With that in my mind, I decided to venture into the depths of some holiday horror, with my selection Saint Nick (AKA Sint) from 2010.
Plot/ A horror film that depicts St. Nicholas as a murderous bishop who kidnaps and murders children when there is a full moon on December 5.
When I saw this one, I had to watch it. Yes, I figured that there would be some dialogue flaws with the conversion, and I was right, but that is just a minor flaw in what turned out to be a flaw-filled endeavor. It is unfortunate, as the movie started out decent enough and at least gave the notion of some promise. I really liked the idea, and was disappointed that the film was not better. The dubbed dialogue was terrible, acting was uneven to bad, the effects poor and editing took something away from the feel. Sure, there was some comedic moments and even some entertaining elements, but too much of it disjointed. In the end, this did deliver at least a small amount of holiday horror. While I would not recommend this highly, I have seen worst movies in this genre and would at least give it a shot if your holiday cabinet is empty. 


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