Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Lincoln Assassination (1995)

Sometimes, a person has to venture into reality to keep themselves grounded. That is about where I am. I have spent so much time on horror and conspiracies, that I was neglecting one of my first loves, history. That being said, I decided to watch a true documentary, the 1995 History Channel entry The Lincoln Assassination.
Plot/ This documentary is an examination of the conspiracy to assassinate the beloved American president, Abraham Lincoln.
History and truths are almost always stranger than fiction. In the case of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, there are moments of history where things seem a bit strange, like Lincoln’s own vision of his death in a dream.  While this is a solid documentary, there is nothing-new put forth in it. In fact, it is what it is, a straightforward documentary on the tragic death of a true American hero and what happened to the supposed perpetrators that were convicted in the crime. In the end, this is an informative documentary that does a great job a laying out the entire story, as projected, from start to finish. I love documentaries like I do, check it out.

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