Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Collapsed (2011)

After suffering through Amphibious Creature of the Deep, I was unsure what I wanted to watch. That movie was so bad; it pained me to sit through it. Of course, there are a ton of post apocalyptic flicks out there, but do I want to go there? Honestly, I cannot wait for December 21 to pass, and this constant inundation of movies centering on an apocalypse to end. Sure, there are the zombies being engineered by the globalists, but that is something different. In the end, I decided on one of those, The Collapsed from 2011.
Plot/ In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive. Taking to the forest, they soon discover the other survivors may be the least of their worries.
When I saw this one, I was unsure whether I wanted to sit through another post apocalyptic flick. This is a better flick than I expected. The pacing was solid, the characters decent, the atmosphere dark and heavy, and the soundtrack adds to it. Yes, it is far from perfect, as some of the acting is so-so and the dialogue and scripting has some rough spots, but for a movie with such a low budget, it is above the line. In the end, this one will definitely not be for everyone, focusing more on characterization and story than violence and gore. If you like movies like that, check it out. If you are a blood, guts and gore fan, stay away.

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