Thursday, December 20, 2012

Side Sho (2007)

As we stand on the eve of the apocalypse, I decided to kick back and watch something mindless. In searching Netflix, I decided to find something that suited me. After all, with this being The Ringmaster’s Realm, and our side business is called Scarlet Circus, some type of carnival or circus horror would fit the bill. That is when I found, Side Sho from 2007.
Plot/ A suburban family traveling the back roads of the southeast in search of historic roadside attractions finds more than they bargained for when they happen upon a rustic sideshow museum that houses a dark secret.
When I saw this, I hoped that it would be some solid entertainment for the eve of the apocalypse. This low-budget independent flick may rip off many different flicks in the genre and a flick full of cliché, but it is actually rather entertaining. On the positive side, there are some decent cinematography, ok acting, and some good effects and kills. Yes, the scripting is all over the place and there is zero originality, but it still stands as a simple independent flick. In the end, if you are a fan of Wrong Turn type horror centered on the clichéd exploitation of inbreeding, check this one out. If you are tired of flicks from this genre, stay away, there is nothing here for you.

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