Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Feeding (2006)

After watching some slashers, I decided to venture into the mountains for some type of creature driven feature last night. Monsters, whether real or fictitious, always make for somewhat interesting villains, and some are extremely interesting. In the end, I decided upon another low budget entry from earlier in the century. That selection was The Feeding from 2006.
Plot/ High in the Appalachian Mountains and under a full moon, a timeless evil rises. An awakened predator whose savagery and ferocity are matched only by its insatiable appetite.
Many of the same items I mentioned yesterday are apparent in this low-grade horror outing. Although, unlike yesterday’s entry The Legend of Bloody Jack, which had The Asylum involved, this one was truly an independent entry. It has the storyline filled with holes and unanswered questions, the acting is just so-so, and the make-up effects on the creature are far from the best. There was a touch of blood and gore, but neither that nor the boobs could make this one rise about others in the vain. In the end, it was somewhat entertaining and did help pass 90 minutes. Would I recommend it? No, not unless you are a diehard werewolf fan and have not ventured into these woods.

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