Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FrightWorld (2006)

Before I got to my late night evening viewing of Troma’s The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven from 1998, I watched FrightWorld (a movie that may have impacted my review if Chosen One).

Plot/ Nine people find themselves trapped in a warehouse that contains the remains of the old Frightworld Amusement Park - a place haunted by the spirit of Verden Fell, a serial killer who died there a year before.

As I have mentioned before, I truly love low budget independent horror, there is something about the freedoms that come without the major studios. With that in mind, one has to look past some of the typical downfalls, poor sound, uneven acting, strange scripting and some misguided storylines and plots. Yes, this movie suffered from all of those (especially the storyline and poor acting), but it was not all bad. Some of the effects (nice but incoherent gore/torture porn), sets and cinematography were decent and created an engaging film at times. Unfortunately, those moments could not overcome the sound issues (Really, Really Bad Sound) and overall length (it was about 20 minutes too long), which brought down the entire film. In the end, it offers very little to the viewer, which dampens an idea that had a lot of potential. Stand clear!

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