Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eyes of the Mothman (2011)

As I was sitting here with an empty shadowbox in front of me, I was determined to find something that could give me inspiration for my latest creation. In my mind, I keep thinking Mothman, as that was the last one I did and I like it a lot. With that in mind, I decided to venture into a world of Native Americans, Strange Creatures, UFOs, and the Men in Black: the true story of the Mothman, with the documentary Eyes of the Mothman (2011).

Plot/ Feature length documentary of the real story behind the legend of The Mothman.

As a believer in unknown creatures such as Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil and The Mothman, I often enjoy movies and documentaries that dive into these legends. For me, as history has shown these unexplained cryptids can exist and often do exist. Having watched and read John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies, this documentary seemed like a perfect companion. Yes, it seemed a tad too long at almost 2.5 hours, but surprisingly, the cinematography, story and pacing kept things flowing in an entertaining yet informative way and shed some light on some things that I had not previously known (Like the Chief Cornstalk Legend). Complete with some interesting interviews, logical comparisons (to The Jersey Devil), decent visual effects and some solid reenactments, this documentary should have enough appeal to anyone interested in the Mothman, whether you are a seasoned researcher or discovering the famed creature for the first time.

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