Friday, May 6, 2011

Hunt the Dogman (2007)

As I move toward the last two days of Cryptozoology Week, I decided to venture into the true documentary mode. I understand that this may be a bit of a stretch from my normal material, but the science exists and the documentaries that are being produced are some of the best out there. My first selection was Hunt the Dogman.

This is a strange tale that was brought to life by Mysterious Kentucky author Bart Nunnelly and John Johnsen (Grendel Films). From the outset of the documentary, the care and genuine interest in researching this legendary creature and the desire to stay true to the findings was apparent. Something, that often goes by the wayside in the mass-market, worldwide attempts at documenting the Cryptozoological realm.

For those unfamiliar with the Dogman, this film calls you. It outlines the existence of one of the strangest and terrifying legends that lives in our backwoods, even providing stunning parallels to the well-known Beast of Bray Road. This film outlines the field investigation and research conducted on The Spottsville Monster and the Beast of the Land between the Lakes, interviewing key witnesses that unwillingly found their way into the path of the creature. This tall, hairy creature with a muzzle has been encountered in many areas, and there is little doubt left by the witnesses that something does roam the wild, stalking the darkness of more than our imaginations.

No one knows what the Dogman is; a Bigfoot-like primate, a mythological werewolf, or even a plain walker from another dimension. Yet, the name alone sends chills down the spines of the unfortunate witnesses of the presence of this lurker. This documentary provides all you need to know as a primer into the foray of the creature and captures the detailed search for evidence that every researcher faces in the Cryptozoological maze.

No matter where you stand with the idea of Cryptozoology, Hunt the Dogman provides a vital reference in researching this famed creature, as well as, just being an interesting and informational documentary for anyone interested in the unexplained, mysterious monsters, or Cryptozoology. Pick up your copy of this great film or check out some of the other title available today at

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