Monday, May 2, 2011

The Snow Creature (1954)

As I moved forward in watching creature related flicks for Cryptozoology Week, I decided to watch go all the back to the early 1950s for the Yeti inspired The Snow Creature from 1954.

Plot/ American botanical expedition in the Himalayas stumbles across a Yeti den, capture one and transport it back to Los Angeles, where it escapes while customs officials are debating whether it is animal or human.

Shot way before the Bigfoot craze of the 1970s, the Yeti themed low-budget entry is what you would expect from the early 1950s b movie creature features, While the flick lacks excitement, plods along at a snail’s pace, and has a creature that looks like a tall man covered in rabbits fur, it is not all bad. The cinematography captures some interesting shots that create a solid mood and atmosphere, the acting is at least average and the soundtrack is decent. Unfortunately, all of that is definitely overshadowed by the horrid attempt at creating a Yeti, it may be the worst interpretation of the famed creature ever (come on, at least cover the face). While not great, this flick is what it is a 1950s creature feature and should be viewed with that in mind.

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